Friday, May 27

Feather Me

So I don't know if you've noticed, but hair feathers are happenin'. Feather hair extensions, feather clips, and feather headbands are an in-demand commodity right now. Feather hair extensions are starting to make their way into many of the hair salons in Seattle, but getting yourself to a salon for two small feathers and then going back when you want them taken out can be a bit of a hassle. Clip-in extensions that you put in yourself give you the freedom of wearing them when you want for as long as you want, with the added bonus of letting you opt for a more concentrated dash of feathers. You can also take them out for washing, giving them much more longevity than salon extensions.

I also thoroughly enjoy the feather hair clips and headbands. They are a little bit more of a statement and are the perfect addition to a snazzy outfit. Clips and headbands are also a much better choice for people with short hair. So fun!

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