Thursday, June 12

Butter By Nadia Tarr

Ever since the first shipment of Butter dresses arrived at the store, we've felt its the hottest find in town. And June 11, 2008 it was featured as part of the Today shows "what to wear to a wedding". Watch the video-

Tuesday, June 3

New For Love and Liberty

For Love and Liberty Tank $82 (also comes in white)

For Love and Liberty Tee $142 (also comes in white)

Get Ready for Summer!

It might be raining outside, but the sun is bound to come out sometime, and since in Seattle who knows how long it will stay out, you want to be prepared to savor every second. At QAD we have everything you need for summer, from Sanuk and Lacoste FlipFlops, Cosabella and Lole Bathing Suits, Sun&Sand Totes, and AJ Morgan Sunglasses (only $14!).